Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mosaic Project

This year, Athlone School decided to commission an art project that could help celebrate our upcoming 50th anniversary. The artist that we were fortunate to work with was Dmitry Komar. He is a painter and a mosaic artist.

Dmitry worked closely with all classrooms in three stages. First there was the design stage where students sketched their ideas of what symbols and images should be included in the design. Dmitry took these ideas and synthesized them into one complete design pattern. He divided this design into 29 different sections.
The students then had the chance to cut the ceramic tiles that were to be used.
Finally each classroom had a period to place the tiles onto the sketched out pieces and these were then taped and readied for placement on the mosaic's frame.
For the final installation, Dmitry had classes take turns and watch as he glued and grouted the different sections they had prepared into place.
The finished mosaic now hangs proudly in the main entrance of Athlone School. It is a beautiful and proud statement of what can be accomplished when a community of learners comes together.


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