Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Winter Concert

The holiday season is here and students at Athlone are busily getting ready for our winter concerts.  Please note, that some start times have slightly changed as we have been practicing and realized how much time we need for each production. This should be the final word on the time breakdown.

 On December 10th, students in grades K - 3 will perform “A Holiday Moosical” and students in grades 4- 5 will perform “Flakes!” in the afternoon (starting at 12:45pm) and evening (starting at 6:00pm). 

In the afternoon, “A Holiday Moosical” will begin at 12:45 and run for approximately 45 minutes. There will be about a 10-15 minute break before the performance of “Flakes!”

In the evening, the classrooms for K- 3 students in the production of “A Holiday Moosical” will be open at 5:30pm (the same time as the gymnasium doors)

“A Holiday Moosical” will run from 6:00- 6:45 (approximately)

Break: 6:45 – 7:00 (This will give parents of K- 3 students a chance to pick their children up from their classrooms and for any audience turnover)

“Flakes!” will then run from 7:00 – 7:45pm (approximately)

The grade 4-5 classrooms will not be open during the performance of ‘A Holiday Moosical’ as staff will be helping with the production.  Those classrooms will open at 6:30pm. Subsequently, K-3 classrooms will not be open during “Flakes!” If you have children in both productions, the younger ones can sit with you in the audience during the 4/5 musical. Grade 4/5 students can be picked up at their homerooms after the performance of “Flakes!!”

The parking lot at Good News Church is generously allowing visitors to park in their parking lot on the 10th. The surrounding streets are also available. Please do not park in the staff reserved spots in the school parking lot.

The Athlone Parent Council will once again be raffling prize baskets before the concerts and during the break in between.

We are looking forward to a very festive afternoon and evening. Hope to see you there!

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