Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Important Information Regarding School Registrations in 2016/2017


The Manitoba Government has mandated that 90% of Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms are required to have 20 or fewer students by September, 2017.  With very limited space, the Division has to be extremely cautious with registrations for 2016/17 so as not to exceed these mandated thresholds. 

As a result, no out-of-catchment Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will be accepted prior to June 27th. 

Out-of-catchment students currently registered at the school may continue attending through Grade 5.  As in the past, younger siblings of registered students from out-of-catchment as well as out-of-catchment children attending in-school daycares will not receive priority for registration.  Kindergarten classrooms are staffed based upon the number of in-catchment registrations received by the school.

Kindergarten registration begins February 22nd.  Parents are advised to register as soon as possible after this date.  On or even after June 27th, if space permits, out-of-catchment students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  More information will be available at each school’s open house.  Any questions or concerns should be discussed with the Principal(s).  The following links may also be of interest:

Manitoba’s Schools of Choice policy:  http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/schools/choice/

Manitoba’s Class Size Legislation:  https://web2.gov.mb.ca/bills/40-4/b002e.php

More information about which is your catchment school can be found on our School Locator at this link:  http://mybaragar.com/index.cfm?event=page.SchoolLocatorPublic&DistrictCode=MB02

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