Thursday, 20 October 2016

Plastic Bag RoundUp

Athlone School's annual Plastic Bag Round-Up has officially begun.

Last year 1.46 million plastic bags were saved from landfills and waterways through Take Pride Winnipeg's, Bag Up Manitoba program. There has also been a significant reduction in single use plastic bags since Bag Up Manitoba began.
Plastic bags can last from 200-500 years before they begin to degrade. Plastic bags that make their way to lakes, oceans, and rivers often endanger animal habitats or make the animals sick. 
The Green Hearts Club is encouraging all of our staff and students, as well as their families to bring in plastic bags. Bags can be from cereal and crackers boxes, ziploc bags, shopping bags, bubble wrap, and bags from toilet paper and diaper packages. Take Pride Winnipeg respectfully asks that all bags be clean and dry as dirty bags clog the machines used, to turn the bags into useful products such as frisbees, birdhouses, garden boxes, and park benches.
Bags will be collected until Tuesday, November 1st. After the Bag Up Manitoba program has been completed, plastic bags can still be recycled at your local grocery store. Sobeys, Superstore, Safeway, and Wal-Mart have large containers at the front entrance of their stores, where bags of all shapes and sizes can be recycled. Thank-you for taking care of our earth.


The Green Hearts Club

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